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plot hole aside, this was a good flash. i question red not performing a Kano heart rip though on the wolf.

so... if nothing is allowed in the country, why are they there and why are they allowed to exist. it was funny, but that's a man sized plot hole there... not that that would be alllowed anyway

wetwhisky responds:

Yeah.. you're right.. You're not allowed to point out plot holes in the country where nothing is allowed... you're not even allowed to be a cop over there but you're not allowed to say that either... on the other hand.. it's not allowed to not exist either and you can't die in the country where nothing is allowed... pfff... my head hurts...

its good but the characters feel stiff and it needs to be longer

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random password each time? fail


children of the corn flakes? HA! love the meta humor. though, in reality, Crazydad would be arrested, the moviegoers would be thrown out and the game would be over in 30 seconds

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pitch is wrong and it sounds like an elephant is having a seizure

holy shit! that's all. this songs is awesome! damn shame you broke up. i'm trying to do death metal vocals. any tips?

finally something i can actually call awesome. no more pop for me. nah i'm kidding. cool song man. i love this shit.

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well, i'm not sleeping anytime soon

very nice.

spider man: it feels nice... the power

venom: GET BACK HERE! i did not give you this power so you could louse up your duties. first order of business is to kill Fisk.

spider man: i dunno, you need ultra strong webs to hold him.

venom: are you calling me weak?

spider man: no?

venom: as soon as we're done, you're dead.

(venom wraps up spidey in ultra dark webbing turning him into a symbiote) for now, my pet, for now

i am a christian as well as an avid gamer and writer. i love rock music , i specialize in horror stories, love horror games and am willing to help those that need anything. i understand these are hard times and the economy is bad god bless you all

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